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Judgement Guide


A fruit with a hard shell used to make pokeballs and energy drinks. There are seven kinds of apricorns, each of them with unique characteristics. Azalea Town is known to harvest Apricorns for Silph Co, however the trees are very delicate that only one apricorn can be taken per day. The trees also need plenty of purified water for them to flourish.


Arceus is a legendary pokemon that is believed by many to be the creator of the universe. It’s dubbed as the ‘Original One’ by ancient Sinnoh scriptures.  Almost 30% of the Pokemon World population believes in the existence of Arceus. Marigold believes in this legendary pokemon along with her mother.


Berries are a Pokemon’s main food supply. They come in different flavors, types and forms. Most of them benefit a pokemon’s health and can be used as medicine.  It is said that a pokemon’s personality can be defined depending on what kind of berry they prefer. Berries are not very common in Johto and are usually exported from Hoenn.

Cherrygrove City

New Bark Town’s neighbor village. Its known by its splendid cherry blossoms and its ancient architecture.  It’s bigger and a little busier than New Bark town but still very quiet and subdued.

Dragon clan

The Dragon Clan is an ancient cult-like group that reside within the Dragon’s Den at Blackthorn City. They are incredibly mysterious since they only share their secret and culture with blood relatives. As a rite of passage, a young Dragon Den member must receive their first pre-evolved dragon pokemon and fight to the death with another new member to see which of them is worthy.
Dragon clan battle etiquette is extremely primitive yet personal. They are focused solely on the emotional and spiritual bond with dragon pokemon and see battles as sacred rituals. They are a highly controversial organization and deemed savage by many. Lance, the current Champion, is from the Dragon Clan and implemented the harsh Dragon Clan discipline upon Kanto and Johto. This is why Gym Battles are no longer supervised and only a limited amount of items can be used.

Elite Four

The Elite Four are the ultimate monarchs for Kanto and Johto (along with the Champion as their central leader). Every three years the members are replaced through a grueling tournament between Gym Leaders and the strongest trainers in the land. The current Elite Four are Will, Koga, Bruno and Karen. Will’s duty concerns preserving art and culture, Koga’s is to preserve tradition, Bruno supervises Gym Leaders, and Karen specializes in innovation.  The Elite Four can be battled at the middle and the end of the year in an elaborate tournament that is televised nationwide.


Evolution is a permanent process most Pokemon are able to experience. A Pokemon that goes through an evolution change their appearance and gain more strength (and in most cases sharper abilities and intelligence). A lot of Pokemon evolve through the influence of an elemental stone, but most evolve when they are triggered with powerful emotions and epiphanies. These emotions can range from positive or negative, but it is said that it’s a direct reflection of the strength of their emotional link with their trainer.  It is rare for a Pokemon to evolve through strength alone, although it’s entirely possible.

Pokemon seek trainers because they want to evolve. Not even Pokemon know the secret of evolution and they believe humans may help them discover this mystery.

Gym Badge

A Gym badge is the prize a trainer receives after defeating a Gym Leader in a pokemon battle.  A trainer must collect 8 badges to qualify to a regional Pokemon League.  Once a badge is acquired it is permanently stamped on the trainer’s ID. These stamps allow the trainer to acquire special items from the Pokemon Market among other bonuses.
A Gym Badge is made from a special material with the finger print of a Gym leader on the back making it unique and extremely difficult to duplicate.

Gym Leader

The highest ranked trainer within a city/town. This title is usually given by the Indigo Plateau to prestigious or skilled trainers, and their duty gives them political powers within their respective cities/towns. Gym Leaders (and their families) have control over their cities/towns and they reside in a large gym.  Gyms can be used for training, research, events, or even burial grounds (it all depends on the Gym Leader’s preferences). Gym Leaders also require to have a variety of pokemon of different evolution stages and levels, and they usually specify in one type.  If a Gym Leader loses a pokemon battle they must give out a certified league badge to the victor.  It doesn’t matter whether the battle occurs outside of the gym itself.
If there is evidence that supports that the Gym Leader did not hand a badge to a victor their Gym leader title will be immediately revoked. Therefore the Gym Leader title will be given to the Gym Leader’s strongest disciple.


Hoenn is a region located at the south of Johto. It’s one of the most recently discovered regions and it’s often described as a lush, tropical and fertile land.  It has an abundance of water and a variety of climates. Since Hoenn is still considered a virgin island by many, there are no large cities. It’s the ideal region for tourists since there are array of places to explore including a desert, a volcano, an underwater city and multiple forests. It’s the region with the least amount of pokemon trainers that use pokeballs, since the pokemon are more feral in nature. People from Hoenn are very carefree and energetic, always willing to go into adventures and have a good time.  However, since Hoenn is extremely detached from the other regions they are usually unaware of the rest of the world’s problems.
Rue Bell’s mother is from Sootopolis City, a city that was formed by a volcano crater. Her dark toned skin is a characteristic of the people that are native to the Hoenn region.
Hold Item
A single item that a pokemon may hold in battle. This item can have beneficial purposes that may aid them in battle. Only a single item can be used and some manmade items (like potions) are not allowed. If the pokemon that have no means of holding the item, the trainer may pause the battle and use the item at the pokemon’s request.

Indigo Plateau

The central government of the Kanto and Jhoto region and home of the Elite Four (and Champion). This building is hidden at the heart of the silver mountains north west from Viridian City. To get to the Indigo Plateau, one must pass through a gate and a rocky cave aptly named ‘Victory Road’.  For Johto trainers this trip takes three days but for Kanto trainers they have a special shortcut so it only takes them two.  The difficulty level of the road to the Plateau is excruciatingly difficult and its served as the final test for the aspiring trainer. The Indigo Plateau looks like an ancient blue temple and its one of Kanto’s only historical land marks.


Johto is a region located at the west of Kanto and the south of Sinnoh. It is the center of mysticism and folklore, unlike its modern counterpart Kanto.  Its capital is Ecruteak city, which is described as one of the most spiritual places in the world. Almost every city in Johto has a traditional flare, resembling the Japanese Edo Period.  The only truly modern place is Goldenrod city, which is treated by many as an extension of Kanto since it’s mostly populated by Kantonese immigrants.  People for Johto are very strict when it comes to culture and tradition. They tend to be less flexible compared to the people from Kanto. They are also highly superstitious and shy away from innovation and modern technology. People in Johto are very in tune with nature and have a green thumb when it comes to crops. It is also widely known that people from Jhoto have a higher probability in understanding the Pokemon language because of their affiliation with nature.
Being one of the most primitive and feral regions, Johto gets many tourists but not many people who desire to live there.  People from Johto tend not to trust strangers and are very wary of foreigner customs, making this not a very welcoming place to live.
Unlike Kanto, Johto is was protected by two legendary pokemon;  Ho oh and Lugia.
Marigold’s mother Rue was born and raised in Blackthorn city which means that half of Marigold’s ancestry is from Johto.


Kanto is a region located at the east of Jhoto and the south of Sinnoh. It is often described as the most technologically advanced region and one of the most highly populated. The region’s capital is Saffron city, which is Kanto’s bustling metropolis ruled by the prestigious company; ‘Silph co.’ other places of interest are Cinnabar Island (the center of groundbreaking research) and Celedon city which was voted as the number one ‘must go’ place for trainers. Kanto is all about innovation, which is the reason why there are no historic landmarks left. Kanto resembles modern day Japan in various ways, especially its impressive use of technology and intimidating cities. Most of the cities are built on sturdy volcanic soil that is deemed unfertile to plant berries. People from Kanto are usually very intelligent and hardworking but quiet and reserved. They are open minded individuals who constantly want to make new discoveries or add improvements to the world. However, Kanto is the place with the most natural disasters and people of Jhoto believe that it’s caused by legendary pokemon who became jealous of their intellect.  The moment Kanto scientists created a genetically engineered pokemon named Mewtwo, the natural disasters have been more frequent. One of their most successful Power Plants was destroyed by a mysterious legendary pokemon that devoured its electricity.
Professor Oak is from Kanto, and speaks highly of his homeland. He is currently staying at Johto in Goldenrod City, helping its development and expansion.  This particular city was highly influenced by Saffron and it’s considered it’s ‘sister town’.
Marigold’s father is from Kanto, making her half Kantonese. She was born at Viridian City which is also on Kanto.
Legendary Pokemon

Legendary Pokemon are incredibly powerful beings that reside in each region in the Pokemon world. They are deity-like beings that represent a mythological trait of nature, technology, or the unknown.  Each Legendary Pokemon has a purpose and unique personality. They range from carefree and innocent to aggressive and spiteful. Legendary Pokemon are respected or/and feared by human and Pokemon alike.

The alias of a multi-millionare who collects Pokemon artifacts for sport and profit. His mansion is filled with curiosities and rare items. There are rumors that he has black market ties.

New Bark Town

A small town inhabited by Kantonese immigrants (usually retired people or seniors). It is a very peaceful place surrounded by berry forests. It is also next to the ocean and due to its windy weather most facilities rely on wind power. It’s a quiet, humble place with not much to do.


A device that allows a trainer to catch and store pokemon.  The prototype was created in Johto at the small town of Azalea by a hermit scientist and an apricorn farmer. The prototype was sent to Silph Co, where it was perfected and mass produced. It comes in 26 variants, some more powerful and expensive than others.
In order to catch a pokemon it must be thrown towards the target once it’s weakened. When it collides with the pokemon the device will automatically open and it will turn the pokemon into energy. The pokeball absorbs the energy and seals it shut, however if the pokemon struggles they can break free from the pokeball (depending on the ball’s type). When the pokemon is caught, the pokeball will activate a system that ‘bonds’ it with its respective pokemon.  The captured pokemon cannot escape on its own unless the trainer opens the pokeball.
A pokeball is mainly used as a means of transport. Within the pokeball the pokemon slumbers in a dreamless sleep.  It is necessary to release the pokemon often so it can eat and socialize. A pokemon can survive within a pokeball for nearly 30 days.  
Only registered Pokemon trainers can purchase pokeballs from the Pokemon Market.


Professor Oak’s greatest invention. It’s a high tech encyclopedia with information on all pokemon species. The pokedex is also an extremely useful tool for a registered pokemon trainer. With the trainer’s ID number in its data, it is capable of registering all the pokemon the trainer has caught. Once the pokemon are registered in the Pokedex the trainer can locate their pokemon no matter how far they are. It also has a pokeball scanning device that allows the trainer to know about their pokemon’s stats and health.  Another useful feature the pokedex has is a copy of the trainer’s ID in case the trainer’s ID is stolen or missing.
Professor Oak gives pokedexes to trainers that receive his starter pokemon at his laboratory in Kanto.

A sport event held at the National Park above Goldenrod city. Winning these events guarantee fabulous prizes such as apricorns, heart scales, rare candies and evolution stones. Nowadays, less and less trainers participate but it’s still going strong compared to pokemon battling.


A taboo practice in the pokemon world. This describes humans who are romantically/sexually attracted to their pokemon and vice versa. Some trainers even have relationships with their
pokemon, but this is a very rare occurrence and it usually happens in secret. In Sinnoh the practice is more socially acceptable and they even have Pokemon Brothels.

Pokemon Center

A facility which grants free health care, cheap food, PC/trading systems and half price room rentals for licensed trainers.
Pokemon Market

An exclusive market for Pokemon trainers. It provides cheap supplies, food, and medicine.

Pokemon Professor

A researcher who specializes in studying Pokemon. They reside in laboratories and their duty is to study a Pokemon’s biology and mentor any person who expresses interest in Pokemon training.  Some Pokemon Professors are in charge of registering aspiring Pokemon trainers and provide them with their starter Pokemon and pokeballs. In order to become a Professor, one must gain the title by studying at a research lab as an assistant.

Pokemon Trainer

A person that specializes in training and forming bonds with Pokemon.  Pokemon were firstly used as weapons for wars and grudge matches until they realized that forming strong connections with these creatures makes them more powerful (and go through a process called ‘Evolution’).  In the human world, a Pokemon is the representation of one’s strength despite the fact they are still treated as lower life forms. Only a minority of the human population see Pokemon as equals.
Ever since the disappearance of the Pokemon Ho-Oh, Johto Pokemon have been more aggressive and apathetic towards humanity. Pokemon Training became a less popular practice because of this, and most trainers moved to other regions or gained different professions.

Radio Tower

The Goldenrod Radio Tower is Johto’s main source of entertainment. It has various shows, gossip channels, and contests. DJ Mary is the main distributor and star and most people in Johto tune in her reports and gossip columns.  

‘Shiny’ Pokemon are pokemon that have a different color due to a birth defect. This makes them incredibly rare and sought by collectors. It’s also a rumor that their skin has a mysterious glow that gives the impression that they are ‘sparkling’.


A region located at the north of Johto and Kanto.  It is the first region that appeared in the Pokemon World, therefore it is the one with the most mystery and culture.  It is a mountainous region with a very cold climate. It is divided by a tall mountain range called Mt. Coronet and the whole region is shaped like an arrowhead with a lake at every corner (forming an isosceles triangle). Each lake is protected by a legendary pokemon, which have seldom been seen by the human eye. Hearthome city is its capital which in many ways resembles a city from the Victorian Era. People from Sinnoh are described as passionate yet very full of themselves since it’s the region where pokemon training is taken the most seriously.  Trainers also have the choice in becoming Pokemon Coordinators and collect Ribbons instead of Gym badges. Most people from Sinnoh believe in ‘Arceus’, the legendary pokemon that created the pokemon world with its thousand arms. It is also one of the most economically stable regions and unlike Johto they are not afraid of innovation and new technology. The region is also powered by a variety of energy sources such as solar power and wind power.

Sprout Tower

A beautiful pagoda that is over 100 feet tall.  Spiritual monks that specialize in grass types inhabit it. Their mission is to explore the bonds between people and pokemon and find what connects them to nature.

Trainer card

In order to be a trainer recognized by the Indigo Plateau, one must pay a hefty fee to receive a trainer card. This card is proof that its owner is an official trainer and they are allowed to purchase items like pokeballs and potions at PokeMarts. They also receive free healthcare and shelter from Pokemon centers. Food purchased at the Pokemon center also has a discount. To register for a trainer card an aspiring trainer must sign up beforehand at the nearest Pokemon Research lab.  The minimum age to receive a trainer card in Johto is thirteen (In Kanto its ten, Hoenn thirteen, Sinnoh fifteen, and Unova sixteen). Once the rookie trainer receives their trainer card they also have the right to receive a ‘starter’ Pokemon from the Research Laboratory. A trainer card expires after two years.
Trainer cards are especially rare due to the lack of Pokemon trainers but because of their benefits they are highly sought items. Many gangs specialize in either stealing or forging Trainer Cards.

Team Rocket

A criminal organization focused on Pokemon poaching and making profits. They are infamous of their cruelty and advanced technology. Three years ago, Team Rocket was disbanded by a mysterious trainer and their leader Giovanni went into hiding. However, some members were recently seen in Johto implying that they are attempting to reach their former glory. (More information will be added after Arc 1 to avoid spoilers).


TMs (Technical machine) are expensive capsule pills that help Pokemon learn a specific move when ingested. If the Pokemon is incompatible with the move it will digest the capsule and have no effect. If the move has a high attack power and the Pokemon is at its early evolution stages it might make them ill for a few days. HMs (Hidden machines) is the same but with more powerful effects. They make the Pokemon go through a physical change. For example, learning the move ‘Surf’ will grant the pokemon fins in some areas of its body.


A region located at the far west of the Pokemon World.  In many ways Unova resembles the United States, especially the state of New York. This is the largest region in the Pokemon World and has a variety of weathers due to its season cycle.  It is a very popular region to visit due to its exciting cities and bizarre pokemon.  This region is also the center of spectacle and it relishes in the arts. There are film studios, musicals, fashion shows, art museums and poetry cafes. The capital, Castelia city, is the largest city in the whole pokemon world and is highly populated with immigrants from all corners of the globe.

Violet City

A large, bustling city with Japanese Edo-period styled architecture and flair. It is considered one of Johto’s most infamous cities since it was completely taken over by the Yakuza. The city became decrepit and chaotic, especially under the regime of the new Gym Leader who is incredibly selfish and spoiled.  It was once covered in various temples and shrines but was replaced with entertainment centers and theaters. The last historic land mark standing is ‘The Sprout Tower’.
Violet City’s police force is made of highly trained bird Pokemon.

Medicine that benefits the Pokemon’s power and growth. They are highly expensive and extremely rare. The pokemon suffer physical changes if large quantities are ingested.
Protein- Larger and bulkier muscles. They also grow inches taller.
Iron – Pokemon gains weight and bulk. They become inches wider.
Calcium – Pokemon’s senses become sharper (better eyesight, hearing, etc).
Zinc – Pokemon’s skin becomes thicker/rougher/sharper.  For example, a Nidoking will gain more spikes.  
Carbos – Pokemon’s limbs will grow longer and their body loses weight/becomes slender.

Ahem so, DISCLAIMER, this is NOT required reading just 'extra' reading about the Pokemon Universe in my comic. It is free of spoilers (which is why only a few cities are described) and I really hope you enjoy it because this took MONTHS to make, no joke x-x (if you spot an error please tell me!)

I hope you like it and if you have any doubts or questions about the universe you can always ask here!
Love ya guys~
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